Reminder to URA and Inspector Yew for Illegal Parking by the Police

Re: Appeal for Parking Offense 841202804K
Monday, 21 July, 2008 5:30 PM
To:”IO Yew Ai Choo”
Cc:”URA Carparks”

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Hi Inspector Yew and URA…

I have yet to receive any reply from the police and URA with regards to illegal parking by the police. (picture taken on 26 June 2008).

Police and URA were so quick to pin the blame on motorists committing parking offences, so will they be fair then their own are found committing parking offences?

I have attached another two photographs taken on 3 July at 18:59 (illegal parking at seasons parking lot) and on 20 July 2008 at 09:59 (illegal parking at loading/unloading bay) respectively.

I am still awaiting for the government departments to walk the talk and show impartiality in the administration of our laws (irregardless of who are the one committing the offense).

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  1. Gary Teoh Says:

    Police is above the law,no body is going to catch them, so they can any how speed and park vehicle.Double standard,inefficiency of MHA.Hokkien says, “chia liao bee”

  2. Ling Says:

    did u check the reason why the police had parked their vehicles there? from what were posted here, it seems tat we are the ones who are quick to blame the law enforcers, thinking they must be there for nothing and had anyhow parked their vehicles. Should you need their presence or to attend to your needs, do you still prefer them to take their time to find a proper lot to park? Did Gary see them speeding (exceeding the speed limit if this is what you meant) for no apparent reason? It will cross my mind that they are travelling faster as there is a urgent case to attend to.

  3. jaslyngo Says:

    Hi Ling,

    As I mentioned in my posting, most of the time police officer are seen buying food at my food centre rather than attending to cases.

    They have shown to take at least 30 – 45 mins to respond to residents complains about glue sniffer, axe welding what is another 5 mins it take to park at a proper parking lot..

    Not to forget that Inspector Yew mentioned that as motorist, the onus lies on the driver not to commit a parking offense.

    Police must walk the talk, and not on one hand condemn the citizens and on the other hand condone their own officers for the same offense..

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